Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will the works on Chrisp Street Market begin?

A: We are hopeful that work will commence in mid 2021 – however, an exact date cannot be confirmed until the current disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic stabilises. 


Q: Where will the work begin?

A: The current programme expects the work to start on the north side of Chrisp Street by Cordelia Street. There will need to be some demolition of the existing residential blocks and garages on Kerbey Street, once this is complete the groundworks can begin and the new buildings erected.

Q: Is the work being phased?

A: Yes, in broad terms there are two phases. Phase 1 will include works on the north side of the site, stretching from Cordelia Street to Market Square. Phase 2 will include the area from Market Square to East India Dock Road.  

Q. When will works be completed? 

We expect each phase of the project to take approximately three years, meaning an overall build time of six years and expected completion in 2027.  

Q: What’s happening with the clock tower?

A: The Clock Tower is now a Grade two listed building. Chrisp Street Developments Limited will be carrying out an options assessment to establish what is possible in terms of planning, health & safety and use. The options will be reviewed by LBTH and a choice made towards the end of phase 1.

Q: Have you got a cinema operator?

A: Yes, we have contracted with Empire Cinemas 

Q: What’s happening to Co-op?

A: The Co-op store and car park have been purchased by Chrisp Street Developments. The Co-op will continue to trade until such time as either the Co-Op or Chrisp Street developments serves six months’ notice. This is unlikely to happen until the work programme has been finalised. The proposed scheme includes a replacement supermarket.

Q: Would the car park remain if the scheme does not go ahead?

A:  No, a planning permission has been obtained for the site for a mixed commercial and residential development.

Q: Why is there no parking on the site?

A: Due to site constraints, including the retention of the Festival of Britain properties, it is not possible to get retail parking in place. This is also consistent with the Council’s planning policies for car free development?

Q: Some traders have raised concerns that the lack of parking will have a detrimental effect on the footfall at Chrisp Street and so affect their business – what is your response to these concerns?

A: These concerns became evident very early in our discussions with traders. As a result, we commissioned studies to show the effect of not having dedicated car parking on site. The headline findings of this research are

  1. Currently only 1 in 10 shoppers and residents travel by car

  2. 70% of residents who mainly shop at Chrisp St, walk

  3. 52% of other shoppers also walk

  4. 19% of residents use public transport

  5. 33% of other shoppers use public transport

  6. 1-2% of people cycle

(Research from March 2016, Plus 4)

If unable to park at the Co-op just 1% of all residents stated that they wouldn’t shop at Chrisp Street.

Our research has shown that the majority of users of Chrisp Street either walk from their home or use the existing transport links.

Q: What will happen in-between the Co-op closing and the new supermarket opening?

A: Iceland will continue to trade throughout this period. Options are also being explored to see if an operator will take a smaller convenience store during this period. 

Q: Who will be the new supermarket operator?

A: As of yet we do not have a confirmed operator, but we continue to discuss the opportunities with a variety of operators 

Q: Are the bank and the post office staying?

A: Space has been identified for both in the new scheme, ensuring continuity of trade. 

Q: Are you getting rid of the Pie and Mash Shops? 

A: No, they are both staying, but may be relocating; one to Market Square and one to just a few doors from its existing premises on Market Way

Q: How much rent will the shops be paying?

A: Our Retail Offer documents explain how the rent provisions will work for independent retailers. The key points designed to support our occupiers are: 

  • The rent will be the market rent up until the implementation of planning

  • Once the redevelopment works commence the rents payable by the existing independents shops will be frozen until 12 months following the completion of works to the phase in which their shop is located.  

  • This will enable them to benefit from the redevelopment improvements to their trade prior to the rent being reviewed.

  • At the next rent review the rent will be at the market rent, with an option to step up the rent in some circumstances.​


Q: Once the scheme is finished, will you force out the independent traders?

A: No. Existing shop keepers will have protection on their leases and rents as detailed in the retail management strategy. We have also proposed that a minimum number of shops will only be let to independent retailers in the future. 

Q: What is going to happen to the market?

A: There will be significant improvement works to the market square, including new drainage, power and public realm. There will be more pitches and a new canopy.

Q: Are the council selling the market square?

A: No. The council will retain ownership of the market sq. and remain responsible for licencing the stalls and enforcement once the works are completed.

Q: Will the market close during the works

A: No. The market will be temporarily relocated for a period whilst works are done to the market square, but will continue to trade.

Q: Will the regeneration gentrify the area?

A: All the existing independent retailers who want to stay will be accommodated in the new scheme and there will be more affordable housing than currently available within the centre.

Q: How much affordable housing is being delivered?

A: The scheme delivers 200 properties for affordable housing, an increase of 82 on what is currently in place. Of these, 131 are available at social rent levels.

Q: Will residents be able to use Poplar Baths?

A: Yes, as members of the public. Chrisp Street does not offer the same leisure facilities as Poplar Baths, but residents will be encouraged to use these nearby amenities and preferential membership rates are being explored.

Q: Will Telford Homes sell all the private units to foreign investors?

A: The Group has a diverse mix of customers including owner-occupiers, housing associations, individual investors and build to rent investors. Marketing decisions will not be made at this time. 

Q: Who owns Chrisp Street Development Ltd?

A: The Company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Telford Homes.  Telford Homes is a Trammel Crow Company developer.


Q: What is the relationship between Poplar HARCA, CSDL and Telford Homes?

A: Poplar HARCA is in contract with CSDL to deliver the regeneration project. Telford Homes wholly owns CSDL.

Q: Why do you need to knock down sections of the centre?

A: In response to Council adopted policy, the design is a comprehensive proposal to solve the current problem of an underperforming district centre while delivering additional homes to support the Council’s London Plan housing targets.

Q: Why isn’t the Council benefiting from the regeneration?

A: The Council will benefit from an increased number of homes that will generate Council Tax and an increased amount of retail/community floor space which will generate an increase in business rates.  The scheme delivers on Council and London Plan priorities by delivering a regenerated district centre that is fit to serve the growing community and need for new homes. The Council will also benefit, at no cost to it, from a newly refurbished Market Square with new trader facilities as well as an improved Idea Store.

Q: Where is Poplar HARCA’s Office going, as it is being knocked down?

A: Poplar HARCA have relocated to the old George Green School building in East India Dock Road

Q: What will happen to Boys and Girls Club?

A: The current building will make way for the new supermarket. The Boys and Girls Club along with the boxing club have relocated to Trussler Hall on Grundy Street.

Q: Are you taking down the trees on East India Dock Road?

A: Yes, these trees will be removed; however, we will be undertaking significant replanting of trees as part of the regeneration scheme.