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Loyalty Card
Participating Retailers


Ahmed Express

Alis Meat and Poultry 

Amjit - Stall

Antony Lewis

Asif - Stall

Bargain Zone

Best Choice 


Bright Clean

Brow Lounge

Carmens Cafe

Coffee Corner

Cupping Clinic

Den's Party

Dilu - Stall

Eastenders Pie and Mash

Elnur - Stall

Festival Inn


Ivan - Stall

J Miller

Jannah Fabric 

Jones the furniture

KC London

London Musk

Maureen's Pie and Mash


Mehmet - Stall

Mr Miah - Stall


Pauls Deli 

Pets Paradise 


Poplar Oriental

Premier Bakes

Quality and Organic




Spitalfields Charity Shop

Sugar Beach


The Captains Table 


Noor Barbers

Curry Hut

Unit 2

Unit 7

sly barbers

London Classic

Tech-R Baksho 

Terms and Conditions: 

01:To collect stamps, you must present the loyalty card  at the till before you pay. If you do not have your loyalty card with you, you will not be able to claim your stamp(s).

02:Online or mail order purchases are excluded from the loyalty scheme.

03:You will receive 1 stamp for every £5 you spend up to a maximum of 15 stamps per transaction.

04:Stamps are awarded after any discounts have been deducted from your shopping and are awarded only on the final amount you actually pay.

05:If you have collected stamps on a product that you return for a refund, you will need to present your loyalty card at the same time so that your stamp tally can be adjusted accordingly. If you receive a credit note for returned goods, this will not affect your stamps total.

06:Goods purchased with a credit note are not eligible for stamps.

07:Upon completing the card with 15 stamps, you can submit your card for the prize draw

08:We reserve the right to change or alter the terms and conditions of the scheme (including values). Any changes will be displayed in store and on our website. 

09:We reserve the right to terminate or suspend the Loyalty scheme at any time. Details of any such termination or suspension will be displayed in store and on our website .

10:Our decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of the Terms & conditions shall be final and binding.

11:Any Loyalty Card which appears to be photocopied, counterfeit, illegible, stolen, defaced, damaged or tampered with will be invalid and retained by us.

12:We cannot replace lost, stolen or damaged Loyalty Cards.

13:The Loyalty Card has no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash.

14:We retain ownership at all times of Loyalty Cards.

15: The presentation of a Loyalty Card for a stamp amounts to acceptance of these Terms and to their respective interpretation.

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